Nora Zang  

Artistic education and trainings

  • September 2019: Training in abstract painting by the artist Ines Kollar
  • July-November 2020: Training in different painting techniques as well as figure drawing at the "Kunstschule Osnabrück"
  • September 2020: Training in the creation of cement sculptures by the  sculptress Angela Große
  • Since September 2020: Study of art therapy at the  Alanus University for art and society in Alfter

Exhibitions and Events

  • February 2022: Participation on the Opening of the Frankfurt Fashion Week with the Poject "Protect your heArt" from Eyecandy Frankfurt
  • March 2022: Exhibition "Art & Music" in the Café Namenlos, Frankfurt with the artist Johnny Donnaray
  • March/April 2022: Part of the Art Mania exhibition "spring awakeining" in the Nordwestzentrum Frankfurt with the art association Eyecandy Frankfurt 
  • April 2022: Participation on the opening exhibition of the Eyecandy "Temple of Arts" in Offenbach
  • April 2022: Exhibition in the Eyecandy Popupstore in Nordwestzentrum Frankfurt with the artists Johnny Donnaray, Olioptic and Jürgen Bommert
  • May 2022: Exhibition "Trippy Candyland" in the Eyecandy Temple of Arts with the artists Johnny Donnaray and Mikail Nash as guest on approx. 200 m². This included besides the exhibition of paintings and sculptures a full instalation with multi media art and a live painting happening.
  • September 2022: Happening "Paint for Peace" with the artist Johnny Donnaray at the Eyecandy Art Summerfestival in the Nordwestzentrum Frankfurt
  • December 2022: Participation on the exhibition "Annonyme Kunst" from the "Kunstvereines Familie Montez" in Frankfurt
  • Since January 2023: Exhibition of the artwork picture „อิสรภาพแห่งอำนาจ/Freedom of energy“ at Maliblues Art Gallery in Chumphon/Thailand
  • April 2023: Installation "Art is Energy" at the Menschwerk Kunstausstellung in Aschaffenburg
  • July 2023: Part of the group exhibition "Liebe" at the Kunstverein Familie Montez in Frankfurt
  • October 2023: Presentation of the Assemblage "SALIGIA" as an art happening with Johnny Donnaray at Rodgau Art 2023
  • November 2023: Art Exhibition of modern portraits at the Milli Vanilli documentary movie night at Schanz, Mühlheim with Johnny Donnaray
  • December 2023: Participation on the exhibition "Annonyme Kunst" from the "Kunstvereines Familie Montez" in Frankfurt
  • February 2024: Creation of mural artwork for the NGO La Escuelita in Panama with the artist Johnny Donnaray
  • March 2024: Presentation of an floral portrait and an art installation at the live concert from the singer Kaye Ree at the Zoom, Frankfurt.

Other artistic activities

  • July 2019: Actionpainting Teambuilding with the Marketing team of the company Heraeus Precious Metals in Hanau
  • July 2021: Actionpainting for the music video of the song "Over and Over" with the music band Vibes 0'Five in Frankfurt
  • October 2021: Participation on the music video of the song "Avatare" of the German popband "Tonland"
  • April 2022: Participation on the event "Artists against War" at the Römerberg in Frankfurt
  • August 2022: Development and creation of the logo and label "Lady of Arms" for the whiskey brand "Irish Whiskeys"
  • August 2022: Art classes for the children ot the Nagarjun Secondary School in Kathmandu as a volunteer for the organization "Volunteers Initiative Nepal"
  • December 2022: Creation of a stop-motion music clip of the song "Growth" for the singer Kaye-Ree in cooperation with the artist Johnny Donnaray
  • January 2023: Leading an art workshop for free at the NGO "Colors of Cambodia" in Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • February: Voluntary art therapy work with the women and children of the NGO "La Escuelita" in Chame, Panama