Nora Zang  

Art Therapy Project at the NGO "La Escuelita" in Chame, Panama

It was a blessing for me to empower the women and children of the NGO "La Escuelita" in Panama in an art therapy project. This experience showed me one more time the healing power of art to unite humans, strengthen inner resources and support inner growth.  Furthermore it also showed me how easily art can overcome language barriers and inner blockades to create new ways of communication and self-expression. It was a honor to work with this amazing people and also learn from their wisdom.

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Art Workshop about cubism painting at "Colors of Cambodia" in Siem Reap"

In January 2023 I had the opportunity to give an art workshop for the children of the organization "Colors of Cambodia" with Johnny Donnaray. It was a great pleaseure to teach cubism art
to this amazing and talented students. We were highly impressed about the positive energy and the creative skills of all these upcoming young artists and hope that we can repeat this exprience one day.

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Teaching Arts and Crafts for VIN Nepal

In August 2022 I had the great opportunity to participate in this great project of VIN (Volunteers Initiative Nepal) and 
teach the children of the 2nd to 6th class from the Nagarjun Secondary School in Kathmandu about art and painting.
Working with the children as well as with the teachers at school was an extraordinary experience, where I pobably learnt more
from my students than them from me. 

Being creative together despite of all language and cultural barriers was a lot of fun and worked also on a non verbal communication level.
It showed me one more time how art connects us all and also which empowering and resilient building effects creative activities have.

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